Italian Connections

Having spent over 2 1/2 years in Italy, Fritz Knaak is fully conversant in the language and has represented many Italian clients, both individuals and businesses as they have attempted to navigate the American legal system.  Similarly, he is able, with his network of professional acquaintances in that country, to assist North Americans trying to accomplish a variety of legal tasks in Italy, which has included setting up business organizations, dealing with international labor law issues, or estate and probate matters.

Italians are the most net-savvy users of online municipal services in Europe, according to a recent study conducted by the Rur-Census organization in Europe. Over 4000 governmental units in Italy are on-line with website access, many displaying the usual Italian flair for style and panache. Italian cities (called "comuni"), states ("regioni") and counties ("provincie") have been very creative in their use of the internet for government access, not only providing information services, but facilitating tax and fee payments to the government. Here are catagory "winners" declared by Panorama magazine late in 2004:

and Jesi: